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Houston Metro Intergroup, Inc. (HMI) of Overeaters Anonymous - Support Structure Donation Form

Mission Statement: "Guided by the Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and therefore directly responsible to those it serves, Houston Metro Intergroup provides caring support and timely information for those individuals within the Houston Metropolitan area seeking assistance with eating disorders."


(Assumes traditional 60/30/10 Split (Intergroup/WSO/Region 3, respectively) – See Service page for more information on determining your group’s split):


60% of Surplus Funds to:

30% of Surplus Funds

10% of Surplus Funds

Check Payable to:

Houston Metro Intergroup 
OR  “OA Houston”
World Service Office
Region III OA

Mailing address:

  Houston Metro Intergroup, Inc.
  PO Box 741836
  Houston, TX 77274-1836
World Service Office
PO Box 44020
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4020
Region 3 OA Treasurer
PO Box 310290
New Braunfels, TX 78131-0290



(Online Contributions)

(Online Contributions)

Donation Forms:

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WSO Contribution Form

Region 3 Contribution Form


Thank you for your contribution. With your support HMI provides the following services:

  • telephone answering service with a listing in the local telephone directory.  This important service allows both members and the general public to contact OA for meeting lists and information about OA. Our Houston phone number is 713-973-6633.
  • Publishing meeting lists with the locations, times, and contact individuals for Houston area OA meetings that are registered with the World Service Office of OA.
  • Sponsoring an annual local convention and regional conventions, workshops, and similar activities.
  • Providing for the local availability of OA literature.  Newcomer kits are provided to new members at no charge.
  • Publishing our local OA Web site, "OA Houston".
  • Sending delegates to represent the Houston area at the Region III Assemblies and the World Service Business Conference.
  • Cooperating with the Oasis Club to provide a dedicated OA facility for Houston. The Oasis Club is a separate legal entity from HMI.  HMI does, however, rent their office space from the OAsis Club.

HMI  Intergroup holds an open business meeting at 10:00AM on the third Saturday of odd months at the Oasis Club, 5645 Hillcroft, Suite 102.

At the beginning of the business meeting we hold a fifteen minute discussion on the tradition for the month. We have found this keeps our focus on a Higher Power (the ultimate authority) and the fellowship rather than organization. And it reminds us to place principles before personalities.

Because HMI is "directly responsible to those we serve" (Tradition 9), we encourage meetings to send a representative to each monthly business meeting. We want to know what the individual meetings and members need and about any problems that may exist. Each representative can then take information about intergroup activities back to their groups.

We look forward to seeing a representative from your group at our bi-monthly meetings.

Detach and mail with your contribution

Please put your group number on your check and make it payable to Overeaters Anonymous.

Date _________________________________________ (Region III) Houston Metro Intergroup # 043-09050    WSO Group #___________________________

Group Donation Amount $_____________________________ Personal Donation Amount $___________________________________________________________

Meeting Day & Time________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Meeting Address/Location__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Secretary/Treasurer/Individual Name_________________________________________________ Phone #______________________________________________

Address_____________________________________________________________________________ Email _______________________________________________

Please help us keep our records accurate by keeping us apprised of any changes in secretary or meeting information. This will assure that your group receives mailouts regarding upcoming events.